Business Benchmark: Public Consultation Report

Crustacean Compassion is working with specialist sustainability advisory company, Chronos Sustainability, to developing the first Business Benchmark for decapod crustacean welfare.

What is a Business Benchmark?

We’re working to improve the welfare of animals like crabs and lobsters (decapod crustaceans) by ensuring humane treatment throughout the supply chain.

To achieve this, we’re developing our Business Benchmark. This tool will be used to analyse current welfare standards for decapods during the sea to plate journey to recognise good practice and areas of improvement. 

A live lobster has water dripping off of it as it is being placed into bins on a fishing b

Public Consultation Report

As part of the development process, we undertook a public consultation to gain the input of businesses and stakeholders to ensure the project will benefit both decapods and the seafood industry.

The consultation was launched on 25th July 2022 and ran for four weeks. Alongside an online public survey, a series of interviews was conducted with key stakeholders to gather feedback on the proposed benchmark, scope and criteria. We conducted multiple interviews and received fifteen responses to the public consultation on its proposed benchmark of decapod crustacean welfare. These were wide ranging in scope and represented companies and individuals throughout the seafood value chain (including some of the companies proposed for inclusion in the benchmark), seafood associations, consultants and NGOs working on animal welfare.

We are grateful for the feedback received in response to this consultation, and to the companies and associations who generously participated in the interviews.  The feedback received is essential for the development of the benchmark.

Read the report here to learn more about the benchmark, the feedback received, and the proposed changes to the benchmark: