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Take 3 minutes to be part of animal welfare history

Last week’s article in the Daily Telegraph revealed how live lobsters are being sent in the post via Amazon as if they were no more sentient than books or electronics. Now more than ever crustaceans need your help. Will you take three minutes to ask your MP to be an ally for lobsters, crabs and crayfish?


Thanks to your support for our campaign, Defra officials have opened an investigation into whether decapods are capable of feeling pain and if they should be included within animal welfare laws. Yet one year on, they have still not publicly released their findings or provided a full update on the progress of their consultation.

We are very concerned that the government may IGNORE scientific opinion, even from organisations like the British Veterinary Association, and exclude decapod crustaceans from the definition of ‘animal’ in the upcoming Sentience Bill. This may purely be for reasons of convenience, as if they were included, they would then need to be considered across all areas of legislation. In short, it’s inconvenient.

So, when the Bill is released we need MPs to be ready. They must push for the inclusion of decapod crustaceans if they are not mentioned in the Bill.


The moment for action is now. We need your support so the government knows people care about this issue. Please click here to write to your MP and ask them to push for the inclusion of decapod crustaceans like lobsters, crabs and crayfish in the definition of ‘animal’ in the Sentience Bill. With your help we can ensure that the welfare of decapods is considered by policy makers and make it MUCH more likely that they will be included in other laws like the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Thank you for all you are doing to help animals!

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