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Snapshot: Crustacean Compassion's Business Benchmark

We've developed Crustacean Compassion's first ever Business Benchmark: the Snapshot! 

Find out more about the benchmark and how it will benefit both industry and decapod crustaceans (such as crabs and lobsters) below.

What is a Business Benchmark?

We're working to improve the welfare of decapods resulting in benefits for both industry and the animals.

To achieve this, we've developed a Business Benchmark - a tool that assesses the welfare standards for decapods throughout the food supply chain, so areas of improvement can be pinpointed and feasible solutions implemented.

This will enable companies, consumers and other stakeholders to ensure that company activities have a positive impact on the welfare of decapod crustaceans.



Take a look at our Snapshot findings to learn more about existing welfare standards for decapods, and about the improvements that could be made.

*Input some specific info from the finished benchmark. E.g. We've looked at [...] number of companies...*

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Read Crustacean Compassion's report for a concise summary of legal protection for decapods, and the LSE report confirming decapod sentience.