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7 weeks ago. . . 7 weeks to go!

7 weeks ago...

Exactly 7 weeks ago today we were in Westminster while the Animal (Welfare) Sentience Bill was being debated in the House of Lords. We were there to highlight the need for decapod crustaceans to receive protection under the bill, and ask that the government’s report on decapod sentience be published in time for the next bill debate by the Lords.

7 weeks to go!

In this debate, it was confirmed that the report will be released before the next debate, which is now 7 weeks away. Lord Benyon stated: “I can confirm that the report will be published before the Bill returns to the House on Report”.

Many lords and MPs have highlighted the importance of waiting for the outcome of the report before deciding to vote for or against this amendment. Baroness Hayman of Ullock said that the report “has a significant role to play in informing the bill”, and Lord Trees stated that the report is “germane to this debate”.

We need you

Help us keep the pressure on the government and ensure they stick to their timeline by adding your face to our selfie wall now. This wall will be sent to Defra to show how much support there is for this issue:

Importance of the Sentience Bill

The Sentience Bill is so important as it offers a rare opportunity to get these vulnerable animals recognised as capable of suffering in law. This would provide a stronger foundation for getting them protected in other legislation too, such as the animal welfare act!


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