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Two European lobsters with claws bound laid on crushed ice

Animal Welfare Policies & Position Statements

Crustacean Compassion has policies and position statements on the stunning, slaughter, and mutilation of animals like crabs, lobsters, prawns & crayfish (decapod crustaceans). 

To access our position statement on each of these topics, select the below boxes. Our full policy documents look into these topics in significant detail. For more information on how we came to form these positions, please email us, we're happy to provide further information upon enquiry:


Contact us:  

Close up of a European lobster laid on the bottom of an empty metal pan

Read our welfare policy on stunning of decapod crustaceans in preparation for slaughter. 

Crab is being lifted out of a metal pot of boiling water using tongs

Read our welfare policy on the slaughter of decapod crustaceans. 

Pile of crabs, close up to the top crab's face

Read our welfare policy on mutilations that happen to decapod crustaceans. 

Statement on Horseshoe Crabs

Crustacean Compassion's work is focused exclusively on decapod crustaceans. Horseshoe crabs have a misleading name, as while other crabs are decapods, they are in fact arthropods. Although we do not work on horseshoe crabs, we do acknowledge the severe welfare issues they face. For more information on horseshoe crabs, please see the following resources:

Infographic: Atlantic Horseshoe Crab.

Report: Horseshoe crabs and the pharmaceutical industry: challenges and alternatives.

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