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The Snapshot: Industry Benchmark on Decapod Crustacean Welfare

In 2022, Crustacean Compassion created the UK’s first industry benchmark, which assesses 30 leading seafood producers, processors, and retailers on their management and reporting of decapod crustacean welfare.

Now in its second year, The Snapshot helps businesses improve welfare standards from harvest and capture through to storage and slaughter, leading to benefits for industry, seafood consumers, and decapods such as crabs, lobsters, prawns, and nephrops (langoustines). 

The Snapshot 2023 provides the latest update to last year’s inaugural report as part of an ongoing review into decapod welfare throughout the food industry.  


Companies are assessed on the management and reporting of decapod welfare and, for the first time, these scores are shared so consumers can see how UK supermarkets and household name brands have performed.

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The Snapshot assesses leading UK brands across key criteria concerning their management and reporting of decapod crustacean welfare standards. 


For the first time, these scores have been published in The Snapshot 2023 report. 

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The Snapshot 2023's key findings were discussed in a live launch event, hosted by Crustacean Compassion's CEO, Dr Ben Sturgeon, and Corporate Engagement Advisor, Jane Bush. Catch up now.

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Shoppers can now see which supermarkets and seafood brands care about the welfare of sentient animals like crabs and lobsters, thanks to the publication of a new benchmark report

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