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Stop Live Sales to the Public  

We are calling on all London supporters to write to the Leader of their Council. 

There is very little protection for decapods like lobsters and crabs but what protection they have under Welfare at the Time of Killing (WATOK) is not being upheld by most of the London Councils.  

Live crabs and lobsters are being killed at home by untrained people. You wouldn’t expect to buy a lamb or chicken to kill at home, we are just asking that decapods have equal protection.  

A Freedom of Information request to all London Authorities showed that many are not enforcing this law, and some don’t even think they should. This leaves vulnerable animals being killed by untrained people.  We need a level playing field for all sentient animals and live sales of decapods need to STOP.  

If you live in London please write to your Leader and ask them to end to the live sale of decapod crustaceans to the public.  

We are also asking every London Borough to instigate a policy of not allowing live animals to be sold on council-owned land for consumption. Many councils already have an animal welfare charter to safeguard animal welfare and ban cruel practices, where this could be included, potentially saving many animals from dying a painful death. 

Please take action for decapods.  

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Orange hermit crab in a textured shell standing on sand

Your donation can help protect crabs, lobsters, shrimp and other decapod crustaceans from unnecessary suffering.

Crab stands atop a rock in front of a purplish grey sky with both claws raised in the air

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest campaign news, appeals and ways you can take action to protect decapods.

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