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Animals like crabs, lobsters & prawns (decapod crustaceans) undergo severe suffering in the food industry. They’re boiled alive, crammed into overcrowded tanks, posted live using Amazon, and more. 

Be part of animal welfare history... 

In November, an official government report was published recognising decapods as capable of experiencing pain. Following this, decapods were added to the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act which has passed the final stages in Parliament and is now law. Although this is a great step towards their protection, we can't stop here.

Decapods are still suffering and need our help. Take action below.

Ask new Prime Minister Liz Truss to prioritise animal welfare

The UK has elected a new Prime Minister: Liz Truss. Her attitude to animals will greatly affect how much progress we can make on critical issues, including how decapod crustaceans like crabs, lobsters and prawns are treated!

Changes in Government can threaten animal welfare as new agendas are prioritised. We urgently need to ensure that animal welfare is prioritised, and that the welfare of decapod crustaceans continues to be improved.


We’ve prepared a letter to Liz Truss asking her to prioritise animal welfare. Make your voice heard early by sending your letter now! It only takes a minute.

Ask Amazon to stop selling live animals

Live lobsters are sold online via retailers such as Amazon.


When delivered live, these fragile animals are at risk of injury, suffocation, and death. Furthermore, delays and delivery complications can extend their suffering.

Once delivered, they may be stored inappropriately and then slaughtered inhumanely by non-experts with no training or equipment.

We think this is unacceptable.

To tell Amazon to stop selling live lobsters online, simply enter your details and press send on our pre-written letter.

Thank you for showing lobsters some love!

Pile of lobsters with claws bound being carried in a chef's metal bowl

Our petition was sent to Michael Gove in 2018, but we need the numbers to keep rising so that we can keep the pressure up!

Orange hermit crab in a textured shell standing on sand

Your donation can help protect crabs, lobsters, shrimp and other decapod crustaceans from unnecessary suffering.

Crab stands atop a rock in front of a purplish grey sky with both claws raised in the air

Click to TAKE ACTION to get these vulnerable animals protected in UK animal welfare legislation.

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