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'Leave your silo at the door': Crustacean Compassion at Anthropy 2023

"Leave your silo at the door" is the message that greets you as you arrive at The Eden Project in Cornwall, ahead of the Anthropy 2023 conference.

Anthropy is a unique network of organisations and individuals who hope to inspire a better Britain by fostering meaningful dialogue, encouraging collaborative action and sparking fresh, diverse innovations for the wider good - so naturally, we were honoured to be invited!

A reminder to 'leave your silo at the door' as you enter Anthropy 2023, which is all about collaboration.

In group discussions and smaller, 1-2-1 chats, big questions were asked - what more could we do to meet Net Zero? What about food security? How do we engage hard-pressed communities to do more? - plus frustrations around the lack of global progress as the climate changes before our eyes. Anyone who spends their time pondering these issues will know that this is going to take a whole lot more time than you can possibly muster as just one person, hence why Anthropy is all about collaboration and coming together for the greater good - values that we hold dear at Crustacean Compassion.

While Storm Ciaran played a starring role in this year's event - a reminder that we really don't run this planet single-handedly! - there remained a buzz around Eden and Anthropy with government agencies, MPs, businesses, NGOs, Tim Smit, and young ambassadors all in attendance.

As Storm Ciaran raged outside, attendees listened and discussed key environmental issues and, crucially, solutions.

The key takeaway message from the event was this: the environment needs us to listen, to get others on board and to discuss important factors such as catchment planning, El Niño, and climate change. Crucially, we must reduce our demands on the land but also on our oceans; a potential food source for generations to come, but only if we protect it. If not, we risk losing vital species at our peril and wiping out many vulnerable, familiar species such as crabs and lobsters. Their welfare, like all animals', should be paramount.

Not a crab (you don't say!) but lovely to see the local wildlife getting involved with Anthropy! A necessary reminder that we're not the only ones who depend on the health of the environment.

Events are a really important way for us to keep up to date with current affairs and ensure the suffering of decapods is kept on the agenda of key decision makers. They are also a fantastic way of introducing Crustacean Compassion and our work to new faces, many of whom are experts in the field of animal welfare. To support our work, please consider making a donation today.


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