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Close up of an American lobster underwater foraging for food on rocky bottom

Crustacean Compassion

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Campaigning for the humane treatment of crabs, lobsters and other decapod crustaceans in the UK

Despite overwhelming evidence that animals like crabs, lobsters, prawns & crayfish (decapod crustaceans) are capable of experiencing pain, every year millions of these animals are boiled alive, cut up alive, mailed live in the post... the list goes on. Find out who we are and why we’re working to get these sentient animals protected.

Despite being legally recognised as sentient and able to feel pain, langoustines routinely have their tails ripped off (to be served as scampi) whilst alive and full conscious. Such treatment is possible due to a “loophole” in legislation that fails to protect these sentient animals.

Please call on the government to protect these vulnerable animals in the existing Animal Welfare Act, by signing our petition today.

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We’ve been on the road visiting research facilities who work with decapod crustaceans to learn first-hand about their work and the potential of better protecting them in law. Read more.

Shrimp on a sampling tray (credit Aquaconnect)-sm.png

In early September, we attended the Global Shrimp Forum 2023 in Utrecht and were delighted to see animal welfare included in the programme for the first time. Read more.

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Find out more about Crustacean Compassion's work, campaigns, and our partners.

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