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Crustacean Compassion

Campaigning for the humane treatment of crabs, lobsters and other decapod crustaceans in the UK

Despite overwhelming evidence that animals like crabs, lobsters, prawns & crayfish (decapod crustaceans) are capable of experiencing pain, every year millions of these animals are boiled alive, cut up alive, mailed live in the post... the list goes on. Find out who we are and why we’re working to get these sentient animals protected.

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Find out more about Crustacean Compassion’s mission, our approach, and our partners.

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Learn about what’s happening in our campaign right now, and what we’ve achieved in the past. 

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Take action now to get these vulnerable animals protected in UK animal welfare legislation.

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The Political Party Conferences: We recently attended the Labour and Conservative Conferences. Find out more about what happens at these conferences here.

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We visited No.10 Downing Street to deliver a letter calling on the new government to prioritise animal welfare. Read about our day, including being joined by Larry the Downing Street Cat!

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