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Supporter Promise 

Crustacean Compassion is the leading organisation dedicated to securing legal protection for decapod crustaceans in UK. We have a great responsibility to create a kinder world for these misunderstood, overlooked and yet widely exploited animals. And our supporters – people like you – are at the heart of our mission. 

Every single person who signs a Crustacean Compassion petition, raises awareness, or donates their money or time, is helping to make real change happen. We value each and every one of you. 

For that reason, we always strive to do right by you, and provide you with the supporter experience you expect and deserve. 


Our Promise to You 

Communicating our work and impact: 

  • We will communicate clearly what we are trying to achieve and ways you can help 

  • We will share achievements and successes, so that you can see the impact we are making for decapods, together 

  • We will keep you up to date with our campaigns and how you can help via email, if you request this 


Listening to and supporting you: 

  • When you contact us, we will treat you with kindness and respect 

  • We will listen carefully to your questions and feedback, and when we respond we will do so clearly, openly and honestly 

  • If you tell us you want us to stop communicating with you in a certain way, or stop communicating with you altogether, we will do so 


Acting responsibly and with integrity: 

  • We will use your donations and our resources carefully and responsibly to make meaningful change for decapods 

  • We will consider our supporters’ views when we create new campaigns, actions and supporting activities 

  • We will keep our campaigning, communications and fundraising activities under review, learning as we go and making changes where we feel they are needed 

  • We will not put undue pressure on you to make a donation 

  • We will always respect your rights and privacy 

  • If we make a mistake, we will apologise and work to correct it 

  • We will do what we say we are going to do 

Small light orange hermit in a smooth white shell stands on a white sand beach surrounded by shell debris

If we don't get it right, we are accountable. Our complaints procedure details how we will deal with and learn from any complaint received.

Small crab stands on a rock with blurred green foliage in the background

Our privacy policy explains how we collect, use and store your personal information.

Side profile of a slightly transparent yellow shrimp with a black background

This policy explains how we manage data from job applicants, current and former Crustacean Compassion employees.

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