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What does the 2024 UK General Election mean for decapods? 

The 2024 General Election is approaching, and we want to ensure that decapod welfare is secured by the new UK Government.


Decapods were legally recognised as being sentient in the Animal Welfare (Sentient) Act 2022, but since then there has been no further protections made to safeguard their health and welfare. Their inclusion in the Act was a result of significant scientific evidence of their ability to experience pain, but this has been ignored and many cruel and harmful practices still exist, practices which would not be allowed on any other sentient animal.  

It’s now time to correct this disparity and #DemandMoreForDecapods to get them the protection they deserve. 

Crustacean Compassion are asking a future UK Government to deliver on our 5 key asks

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Take Action: Demand More for Decapods in the UK General Election

We have written to all political party leaders and candidates directly, but we need your help to urge your prospective MP to support our asks and to stop the suffering of millions of crabs, lobsters, prawns and other decapod crustaceans in the UK.  

Crustacean Compassion is asking all General Election candidates to pledge support for our 5 key asks:  

  1. All recognised sentient animals to be included in the Animal Welfare Act (2006) 

  2. Include decapods in Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 

  3. Ban live animal sales of decapods to the public 

  4. Adopt high welfare codes for decapods 

  5. Ban live exports of decapods

Although recognised as sentient animals in 2022, decapods still receive little to no protection under UK legislation, often enduring harmful and inhumane treatment and practices. No other sentient being endures what decapods have to, and so we urge you to join us and write to your local candidates to #DemandMoreForDecapods.



Please share any responses you receive from candidates with us by emailing us at


Are you a candidate? If you have not received our manifesto or would like to pledge your support today, you can contact us at  

Looking over the campaign

The General Election is a great opportunity to be the voice for animals in your local area

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Which political party has made commitments to decapod welfare?

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Check out our pledge gallery to see if your local candidate is there...

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