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Lobsters need your help

Dear Supporter, Did you see our article in Animal Sentience Journal? We conducted a pilot study of lobster welfare in London. We found that most tanks were overcrowded, lacked any shelter from the light, restricted their movement, and prevented the lobsters from carrying out natural behaviours. Some of the conditions we found were really shocking. And of course, many of these lobsters were destined to be boiled alive. In the coming months we’re doing a final push on the petition, and we have one further ask. The most successful animal welfare petitions on our host site have one thing in common; they are promoted by supporters using the promote feature on the petition site: Promoting a petition means paying a small amount of money to, and in return they show the petition to more people. Every £3 will get the petition shown to 100 more animal welfare supporters. It’s a secure and established way of obtaining more signatures, and we’re pleased to see that some of you have already helped us in this way! This is our final chance to champion the petition before we present it to the government, and we must make as loud a rallying cry as possible. As a tiny organisation with a very limited budget, we can’t make change happen without you! Please consider clicking on this link and chipping in £3 or whatever you can afford: (You may need to sign in or sign up to first). Alternativly you can go to our petition, and once it's signed you will be given the option to promote it via the red Promote button that appears on the right hand side. Thanks for your help! Best wishes, Maisie, Jules, Claire, Ann, Joanna and Gemma

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