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Ask your MP to show support for a #BetterDealForAnimals

It’s Valentine’s Day, and everywhere you look there is the image of the lobster, a symbol of love and faithfulness. Will you ask the UK Government to remain faithful to its promise to protect animals when we leave the EU?

We urgently need your help to make sure that animals don’t lose vital legal protections when we leave the European Union.

Under the European Union Treaty, animals are recognised as sentient beings, whose welfare must be protected. As we leave the EU animals in the UK will lose that legal protection. Crustacean Compassion has been lobbying the government for decapod crustaceans like crabs and lobsters to be recognised as sentient beings, but unless the EU Treaty is continued in some form, it will be more difficult for us to do so.

Letting the government diminish animal protection laws would make all animals vulnerable to future governments creating new laws, policies and trade deals that don’t take into account their welfare needs.

Ask your MP to help show support for a #BetterDealForAnimals

On 26th February 2019 we’ll be at Parliament with our friends from other animal protection organisations making sure that the government gets a clear message from MPs that animals – including crabs and lobsters - deserve the best legal protection. Please click on the link above to ask your MP to attend and show their support by signing our Early Day Motion (EDM 2070).

As well as lobbying government to ensure animals don’t become a victim of Brexit, we have continued to engage with Defra on protection for decapod crustaceans. Together with our open letter signatories, we are chasing up their promise to investigate whether decapods should be protected under welfare at slaughter legislation. We have also been making the business case for their protection and talking with major supermarkets behind the scenes to understand more about their needs and help them introduce positive changes. We’re also delighted to have been invited to speak at Labour’s Animal Welfare Society Conference in March! Keep an eye on our social media for updates on these activities when we’re able to share them with you.

In the meantime, please act now and ask your MP to push for a strong new Animal Welfare law that ensures all animals get the protection they deserve.

Thanks for your continued support!

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