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Christmas Appeal

The past few months have been extremely exciting, with one bit of great news after the next!

First, the government commissioned official report was published, recognising that animals like crabs, lobsters and prawns (decapod crustaceans) are capable of experiencing pain. Following this, the government updated the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill to include decapods! This bill has now been reprinted with decapods included.

This is a monumental moment in animal welfare history. We are now an enormous step closer to decapods being protected.

But the work doesn’t stop here. We must keep fighting for crustaceans until the Sentience Bill becomes law. We must keep up the pressure on the government to see this Bill through.

Please make a Christmas donation today to secure protection for decapods in law:

As a non-profit, we rely entirely on donations, and we simply couldn’t continue without the generosity of people like you. We’re a very small team and every penny really does count.


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