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Show Lobsters Some Love this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but unfortunately, in preparation for romantic dinners, sales of live lobster increase in February (1). Some of these sales are through online retailers such as Amazon (2).

However, when lobsters are ordered online, they’re sent live in the post. During this journey, these fragile animals are at risk of injury, suffocation, and death, with delays and delivery complications further extending their suffering.

Once delivered, they may be stored inappropriately and then slaughtered inhumanely by non-experts with no training or equipment. We don’t think this is acceptable.

Take Action

This is why this Valentine’s Day we’re asking you to Show Lobsters Some Love:

We’ve prepared a letter to Amazon asking them to stop this cruel practice. Simply input your email address to send it to Amazon now:

Learn More

We have more information about the welfare issues of live online sales on our website:


(1) An overview of the UK lobster market. Julia Brooks, Market Insight Analyst, Seafish.

(2) Live lobster via


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