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More Great News at the Sentience Bill Report Stage

You may not believe it, but we’re back reporting even more great news!

On Friday 19th November, an official government report was released which confirmed that decapod crustaceans are sentient (capable of pain and suffering). Following the outcome of this report, the government tabled an amendment to the Sentience Bill to include decapods.

On Monday 6th December, the Sentience Bill returned to the House of Lords for what is known as Report Stage – the next step in becoming law. We’re delighted to announce that during Report Stage, the government’s amendment was approved! This means decapods are officially part of the Sentience Bill.

This is a monumental moment in animal welfare history. We are now an enormous step closer to crabs, lobsters, prawns, shrimp and crayfish being protected.

Now that Report Stage is done, the bill will be redrafted. A fresh Sentience Bill will be taken forward into the Third Reading, with these animals included in its text!

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