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What is the EFRA Select Committee and who’s their New Chair?

A new chair for the EFRA Select Committee has just been appointed – but what is the EFRA Select Committee, what do they do, and how does this impact animal welfare?

Good questions! We’ve asked our Senior Policy and Public Affairs Advisor to provide some answers.

What is EFRA?

The EFRA (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) Select Committee is one of the Parliamentary Committees where MPs from all parties come together to look at government policy and make suggestions. The EFRA Committee is responsible for everything from animal welfare policy to water companies and scrutinising trade agreements.

What does the Chairperson do?

The Chair of the Select Committee has a key role to play in the scrutiny of government policy and questioning Ministers and civil servants. The Committee had previously undertaken an enquiry into the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill where Crustacean Compassion provided written evidence to support the inclusion if decapod crustaceans within the scope of the legislation.

Who is the New Chair?

Sir Robert Goodwill is their new chair following a vote amongst MPs on Wednesday 25th May. The MP for Scarborough and Whitby fought off four other Conservative MPs to secure the role, following the resignation from Parliament of the former Chair Neil Parish.

Sir Robert has previously been a Minister with DEFRA, with responsibility for marine management and fisheries and aquaculture amongst other things. He has also served as a Minister in the Treasury, Transport, Home Office and Education.

With his constituency covering the North Yorkshire coastline, Sir Robert has been active in Parliament on the recent deaths of crustaceans along the Tees Valley coastline.

Crustacean Compassion congratulates Sir Robert on his appointment and we look forward to working together.


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